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Jenny Scordamaglia: Image of Miami & South Florida and ‘Vidblogger Nation’ by Comcast

The renowned Miami’s TV host Jenny Scordamaglia will represent Miami and South Florida at Vidblogger Nation by Comcast.

Vidblogger Nation, the new social TV network launched on Comcast On demand on September 20th 2011 and created by media director-producer Marc Scarpa, features self-portraits by hometown tastemakers who share the stories of people, places and things in our city of Miami and South Florida from a first-person perspective that it’s on charge of our local talent, Jenny Scordamaglia.

“My motivation is giving viewers something different to watch. Something entertaining and not so brainwashing like a lot of the shows on TV now days. I believe people are hoping for change in many areas and I am contributing to that,” said Jenny.

Jenny’s program consists of colorful three-to-five-minute episodes on topics that range from ‘Naked Cocktails’, where to go for the best free Wi-Fi to visiting sites supposedly haunted by local spirits and music.

Jenny Scordamaglia, host of Miami TV Channel was picked to anchor Vidblogger Nation (Miami & South Florida) by her strong capacity to maintain Facebook, Twitter followings and her fan site, in addition to her sexy personality and her spontaneous performances in front of the cameras that makes everybody love her.

Congratulations Jenny!

Jenny Scordamaglia during her show.

Jenny Scordamaglia.

Jenny Scordamaglia having fun.

Jenny Scordamaglia with guests.

Jenny doing her show.

Jenny doing her show.


Images courtesy of Jenny Scordamaglia.
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Jenny Scordamaglia: Clips of Miami- South Florida watch them at COMCAST CHANNEL 1 GET LOCAL VIDBLOGGER NATION ALL OF SOUTH FL.