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2022 Top Winter Fashion Trends Rendered in Digital Game |Designer Shares 5 Tips on Customizing Outfit

Fashion and Digital Game: A clothing designer, in collaboration with the game developer Nordcurrent, has provided five outfits that combine fashion and comfort, and explained how to create a personal look that’s on top of the next season’s key trends.

This year’s key fashion trends have also transcended real-life and now are the main feature in the mobile game Pocket Styler by Nordcurrent, a video game developer. Lina Berling, who is a clothing designer from Ukraine, a model, and a stylist for a number of celebrities, collaborates with the company, creating outfits, accessories, and styles.

“Fashion has always been my passion, which later turned into a career. Consulting on and creating outfits for the game gives me the freedom to immerse into the current clothing and accessorizing trends and reimagine them in a digital world,” said Berling. “Also, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce the aesthetics and a sense of style to the gaming community.”

The designer chose the top five Pocket Styler winter looks that are all the rage this winter season and provided tips on adapting them to real life.

1. Puffer jacket—this year’s must-have and a statement piece

2022 Top Fashion Trends Rendered in Digital Game

Silver puffer jacket with white, blue, and grey accents. © Pocket Styler. Photo Credit: Blue Oceans PR

As puffer jackets are big this winter, Berling suggested picking out one in silver to combine several 2022 winter trends. Although a silver puffer jacket is an eye-catching choice on its own, colors like white, grey, and all shades of blue allow it to really pop.

“A silver puffer jacket, which is a true representation of winter, goes really well with the right pair of shoes, such as moon boots, and also requires some smart accessorizing—a balaclava or hustka—to spruce up the whole look,” Berling commented.

The designer also recommended pairing the jacket with wide-leg jeans—another 2022 winter staple.

2. Faux fur to amp up any look

2022 Top Fashion Trends Rendered in Digital Game

Faux fur, oversized sweater, and edgy boots. © Pocket Styler. Photo Credit: Blue Oceans PR

Faux fur is one of this season’s hottest details, therefore the designer recommended combining it with a pop of color, especially lilac or violet—resembling Veri Peri, the color of 2022, an oversized sweater, leggings, and edgy boots. The look fuses a number of winter trends in a warm, comfortable yet memorable outfit.

3. Bodycon dress goes with everything

2022 Top Fashion Trends Rendered in Digital Game

Bodycon dress, a choker, faux fur accents, and combat boots. © Pocket Styler

According to Berling, a bodycon dress should be in everyone’s closet, because it is a unique fashion item, which can be paired with any trendy elements or accessories.

“Faux fur coats, puffer jackets, quilted vests—the bigger, oversized pieces look especially good on a form-fitting silhouette of the dress,” the designer said. “Also, accessorizing makes all the difference in the look: massive metal earrings, chain necklaces, or chokers can help to create a more edgy look, while stockings or fishnets give off a more romantic vibe.”

4. Monochromatic look—a choice for any occasion

2022 Top Fashion Trends Rendered in Digital Game

Nude monochromatic look with animal print tights. © Pocket Styler. Photo Credit: Blue Oceans PR

Nude monochromatic look with animal print tights. © Pocket Styler

Berling maintained that monochromatic looks are here to stay for the time being, however, the color should depend on the occasion. Nudes, beiges, or browns are ideal for more formal settings, such as a business meeting. Festivities, on the other hand, call for a daring color—white or red.

“Monochromatic outfits look especially good with statement tights: colored, with animal prints, even the white ones. Boots and bags, which complement the color scheme, tie the entire outfit together.”

5. Summer items—for the dash of the unexpected

2022 Top Fashion Trends Rendered in Digital Game

Leather coat with flower print, knee-high boots, and shorts. © Pocket Styler. Photo Credit: Blue Oceans PR

Leather coat with flower print, knee-high boots, and shorts. © Pocket Styler

Berling was adamant that summer clothing items, such as shorts, do belong in wintertime—if integrated correctly. For instance, to make shorts wearable in countries where winter climate tends to be harsher, people can add dense tights, a blazer, a long coat, and knee-high boots.

In the designer’s opinion, flower prints might look good on a leather coat to soften up the outfit, while sunglasses help to get away with the entire summer/winter crossover.

Immersing into all major winter trends at once can be overwhelming. Therefore, creating different outfits on a digital platform, like Pocket Styler, might give a chance to see what combinations look good and what fashion elements should make an appearance in a real-life personal look.

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