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Style Stategist: Tonya Seavers Evans and her passion for fashion

Tonya Seavers Evans discovered her passion for fashion when she was only a teenager. Instead of having pictures of boy bands on her bedroom walls, she was the girl with her walls covered with different styles from fashion magazines that would change according to season.

“I always knew that there was a certain power in someone who comes into the room and commands attention just because they are impeccably dressed,” said Tonya.

Tonya, stumbled into image consulting when she was working in corporate communications and she was traveling with an executive that lost his luggage- he had media interviews and he asked Tonya to select outfits for on-camera interviews and meetings that evening. “He loved what I picked out and I was hooked,” added Tonya.

Tonya Seavers has become a renowned image consultant in Miami, by inspiring every woman to be fashionable, with the help from her company; STYLE STRATEGIST.

Lissette Rondon, our celebrity writer got an exclusive interview with her, where the fabulous image consultant talked about her experiences, her programs intended to improve images, fashion in the city and more… check it out!

Adriana de Moura, Star of Bravo TV “Real Housewives of Miami”
and Tonya Seavers Evans.
LR-Could you tell us about your experience preparing executives for speaking engagements, media interviews and sales success?
“Well most of my clients have very high profiles and are often on-camera or speaking in front of a lot of people. I have to take into account their audience as well as their message when I am putting together their wardrobe. It’s particularly important when I make color selections because of the impact the color will have on the audience,” said Tonya.

“When you are preparing for a media interview, from a visual perspective, you need to take into account things like lighting; colors that work for the camera, if the person will be sitting or standing, and whether the interview will be done while they are sitting or standing. All of those elements make a huge difference.”

LR-What do you think is the importance of cultivating a polished image?

“My analogy of how to marry style with your message is the iconic Tiffany box. When you see the Tiffany box you immediately think sophistication. You know that what will be inside will be something beautiful, high quality and timeless. I look at creating a polished image in the same way. It only takes five seconds for someone to make assumptions about your personal Tiffany box and in today’s competitive, global environment, a great image can be a real competitive advantage. When people meet my clients for the first time, I want their image to project confidence, professionalism, and polish every time,” added Tonya.

LR-Tell us about your programs to improve confidence and personal image
“At Style Strategist we work with each client personally, to understand their personal and professional goals, their lifestyle and aspirations; in order to create customized solutions based on their goals. I have many clients who understand the importance of image but their schedules are so busy that I create their entire wardrobe for them or do a personal pack for business or vacation trips. When you look amazing you immediately have great confidence and can focus on the message – like a speech or sales presentation,” said Tonya.

LR-What do you think about fashion in Miami?

“Miami’s style has been largely influenced by Latin America and the Caribbean. We are not afraid to incorporate color like many parts of the country and I love that. I also believe that we are becoming less and less trendy in a good way. We now have a style that is unique to Miami and a sophistication that screams global! We get criticized for being a bit over the top with the allure of sexiness, and I do agree that some of us need to turn down the volume in the sexy department, particularly in the work place, however Miami is definitely a city that understands the importance of image like no place else!”added Tonya.

LR-Could you define your work and yourself with 3 words?

“Stylish, sophisticated, classic.”

“Your style is the very first message that you send to the world. Style is about understanding your body silhouette while accentuating your best assets and embracing ALL of yourself.”

Tonya Seavers Evans
Miami Renowned Image Consultant