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Adriana Catano continues to grace the covers of multiple magazines

Adriana Catano continues to grace the covers of multiple magazines
Image: Courtesy of Michi Publicity

This year has been a break-through year for actress and TV host Adriana Cataño. After founding her two-day seminar, “How To Break Into Show Business and Succeed”, the skies were the limit for Cataño who was immediately awarded, after its launch in 2012, “Hispanic Artist of the Year” by the Hispanic Heritage Council and Miami Dade College for her amazing work with teenagers in the Dade County community and her superb acting seminars, as well as one of Women in the Arts’ Iconic Women. Cataño’s fourth magazine cover in the past two months will debut this week on Latino Show Magazine’s 2nd year anniversary edition, a luxury magazine for Latinos in New York City and Colombia.

“I feel truly honored to be on the cover of such a prestigious publication, a publication which showcases successful Latino actors, models, fashion designers, events, and glamour. I am ecstatic to say the least,” said the Miami-born actress of Colombian descent.

Over the past couple of months, Cataño has been featured in multiple magazines and has graced the covers of LifeStyleMiami.com, Eventos Magazine, and Gente Latina Magazine, just to name a few. After the widespread success of her cover on Eventos Magazine, Cataño was given her own one page column. Starting in December 2013, the publication will feature Cataño’s beauty tips based on her knowledge of beauty and nutrition through a series of one page editorials. For immediate “go-to” advice on beauty tips along with exercise and nutrition guides, her fans and followers can find more tips by visiting her Facebook page (www.facebook.com/catanoofficial), under the album “Beauty Tips by Adriana”. She is currently hosting a reality show titled “Cuerpos de Gloria” for renowned celebrity beauty expert Gloria HIncapie. She was chosen to host this show due to her elegance, beauty and expertise on nutrition & beauty tips.

Cataño continues to host seminars for teenagers who want to break into show business, giving them all of the do’s and dont’s, supplying them with headshots, an acting coach and an overall view of the ins and outs of the show biz industry. All four of Cataño’s seminars have been sold out, with the participation of over 120 students to date. Students have travelled from New York, Arizona, Panama, Colombia, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Orlando and West Palm Beach to be a part of the seminar. Due to its success, Cataño has been invited as a guest and co-host on many nationally televised shows and on all of the top spanish-language TV networks.

Adriana Cataño has been a household name since the beginning of her career over 20 years ago. She continues to be the spokesperson for Rooms to Go, the largest chain of furniture stores in the U.S, for over 18 years. This is the longest advertising campaign by any celebrity to date. She recently filmed the new Rooms to Go Holiday 2013 campaign.

Cataño is currently reviewing various from different countries to work on telenovelas. She plans on moving to Los Angeles, California after her daughter graduates from high school in June 2014.

To keep up with Adriana Cataño and her many endeavors be sure to “like” her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/catanoofficial), “follow” her on Instagram (@adricatano) and Twitter (@catanoofficial), and visit her official website www.adrianacatano.com; which launches its new design December 2013.