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Socialite of The Month: Sophia Hamilton’s first birthday bash

The Hamilton Family.

Maria Hamilton and her husband Mike Hamilton celebrated the first birthday of their beloved daughter, Sophia Hamilton, on September 8th, 2012. The charming birthday bash took placed at Sugar Sand Park located at Boca Raton, Florida.

For this special occasion, the venue was transformed with pink and light yellow balloons along with the very popular theme, “Minnie Mouse.” The birthday girl and her friends had the opportunity to meet and play with this popular Disney character, in addition to playing games presented by “Payasita Nifu-Nifa.”

Guests were pampered with delicious “hors d’oeuvres,” signature cocktails, and fabulous music by DJ Junior.

 The birthday bash closed the evening with an amazing “Piñata,” where children and parents had the time of their lives, followed by the traditional birthday cake!

 Maria Hamilton has become a renowned socialite in Miami. After this talented jewelry designer won the award as “Emerging Jewelry Designer Of The Year” at Miami Fashion Week in 2011, she came back to Miami Fashion Week with her daughter and husband on the red carpet in 2012, where Maria introduced her daughter as “my best design ever.”

Best Moments!
Maria Hamilton with her daugther, Sophia and Minnie.
Alicia de Lopez, Marines and Jessica lazo.

Ana Maria Palacios and Federico Marin.

Doyle Patton with his sons: Apolo and Eduardo.

Elena Gorkovenko.

Erika Culla, Samantha Vasquez and Sophia Hamilton.


Lissette Rondon (Miami Fashion Spotlight), Maria Hamilton and Sophia Hamilton with Minnie.

Ma. Rossana Lopez, Rossana Morillo and Maria Hamilton.

Maria Hamilton, Sophia Hamilton and Mike hamilton.

Michael Anthony Church.

Riad Shanawany and Melanie Condill

Payasita and Paulina Walter.

Reyna y Ricardo Oriol.

Riad Shanawany, Tobias Condill and Maria Hamilton.

Maria Hamilton with her daughter, Sophia and Vicent.

Viviana Gabeiras and Antonio del Nogal.