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Socialite of the month: Alba Gallo’s Birthday Bash

Alba Gallo (Founder of “Mujeres Impactando Vidas”), her husband Edgar Gallo
and her sons Sebastian and Stefano.
Image by Aralvy Lopez.

Alba Gallo, one of the most beloved socialites of Miami, celebrated her birthday at “ Brio Tuscan Grill Restaurant” located at 14576 SW 5th St in Pembroke Pines, on February 1st, 2012.
The fabulous birthday bash, gathered some of the most renowned business women of the city in a special evening of live music, drinks and food, in honor of “our dear Alba Gallo”

The unforgettable night was hosted by her husband Edgar Gallo, in addition to their sons;  Sebastian and Stefano. Local celebrities such as: Chef Jackie Salas, Glenda Betancourt ( renowned makeup artist), Marta Socarrás (author of “Estafa al Corazón”) and  fashion designer, Maria Baqué, among others, made personal appearances at this emotive celebration.

Gallo is renowned for her job as founder of “Mujeres Impactando Vidas”. She is considered by many people from our community as a “mover and shaker” fashionable women and she is also admired by her friends and family for her unconditional heart and for being a woman that is always true to herself.

Happy Birthday Alba, receive the best wishes from Miami Fashion Spotlight’s team and Lissette Rondon. 

Miami  loves you!

Best Moments

Lissette Rondon ( Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight), Alba Gallo (Founder of “Mujeres Impactando Vidas”)
 and  Mernela Añez ( motivational speaker).Image by Aralvy Lopez 

Chef Jackie Salas, Karina Bernardi, Alba Gallo (Founder of “Mujeres Impactando Vidas”)
and Nidia Bernachi ( General Manager of Innovation Events).
Image by Aralvy Lopez.

Fashion Designer, Maria Baqué.
Image by Aralvy Lopez 

Luisa Fernanda Tellez (Acredited Staging Professional at
Home Staging Services).
Image by Aralvy Lopez.

Lissette Rondon and Marta Socarrás
(author of “Estafa al Coraz
Image by Aralvy Lopez.

Images by Aralvy Lopez.

Chef Jackie Salas and Aralvy Lopez ( Photographer of Miami Fashion Spotlight)
Image by Lissette Rondon

Glenda Betancourt ( Makeup Artist of GP Natural Cosmetics), Maria Baqué ( Fashion designer)
and Lissette Rondon ( Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight).
Image by Aralvy Lopez.

Nidia Bernacki (General Manager of Innovation Events) and Aralvy Lopez
(Photographer of Miami Fashion Spotlight).
Image by Aralvy Lopez.
DR. Bruce E. Starr, Alba Gallo and Danik Mignano (CMIC Travel Inc)
and Edgar Gallo.
Image by Aralvy Lopez.
Aralvy  Lopez (Photographer of MFS), Alba Gallo (Founder of “Mujeres Impactando Vidas”)
and Lissette Rondon (Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight).
Image by MFS.

Image by MFS