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Bruna Santana continues her grandmother’s legacy with Zella Machado Swimwear

In 1990, Bruna Santana moved from Brazil to Miami in pursuit of better opportunities. Inspired by her grandmother’s experience in fashion and her own entrepreneurial training from University of Florida, Santana and Mrs. Machado teamed up to found “Zella Machado Swimwear.”

Last year, “Zella Machado Swimwear” made its debut at MBIFW 2011, presenting a unique cutting-edge collection. Determined to continue her grandmother’s legacy, Santana returns to the most important week of the year in Miami’s fashion industry, “MBIFW 2012,” with a new collection that she called more “Femenina” than ever!

Lissette Rondon, founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with this young entrepreneur where she spoke about the new collection, her muse, next project and more.

LR- Tell us about your collection
“I bring a little bit of my hometown, Florianopolis in Brazil. This collection has a palette of colors such as:  bright yellow, orange, and degradations of green; colors of this beautiful nature,” said Bruna.

LR-What was your inspiration for this collection?
“This year, my muse is a woman who is elegant, but at the same time a little daring,” added Bruna, smiling.

LR- Will your collection be divided into 3 categories as last year?
“Yes, I created designs aimed towards young girls called ‘Girly Girl’; designs for sexy women called ‘Brazilian Bombshell’ and classic and elegant designs called ‘Luxury Resort’ said Bruna.

LR-What is your next project?
“I will be launching a clothing line similar to this design that I’m using right now. There will be surprises!” said Bruna.

Written by Lissette Rondon
Edited by Alexis Diaz
Images by Frank Diaz

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