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‘De Lancret’ by Helen Victoria presented collection inspired by nature at MBIFW 2012

Helen Victoria and Lissette Rondon.
Lissette Rondon’s Jewelry: Maria Hamilton
Clothes by Viviana G. “Petit Pois”.

Brazilian Swimwear designer, Helen Victoria moved to the United States to pursue a career in fashion design. In 2006, she launched her swimwear line “De Lancret” beginning the advancement of her company. Helen Victoria made her debut at MBIFW 2011, gaining a great deal of attention for her feminine and classic swimwear collection.

Inspired by flowers, butterflies, and patterns of nature, Helen Victoria came back to the Miami Beach International Fashion Week’s runway to present a collection that combines the art of elegance with her love of nature.

Lissette Rondon, founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with this talented swimwear designer where she spoke about her new collection, next project, and more… Check it out!
Helen Victoria and Lissette Rondon.

LR- Can you tell us about the collection that you will be presenting tonight?
“I’m crazy about nature; my collection has flowers, butterflies and very nice prints. I came back to MBIFW for the second time with a more elegant collection that includes nice accessories by Italian shoe designer Daniela Marino,” said Helen. “We are going to present an amazing show tonight, I hope everybody likes it!”
LR- What is your next project?
“I’m working on a special collection for the “World Cup Soccer Game.” It’s a Ready-To-Wear collection. I called it “Kick Off.” It’s a little more feminine because women don’t like to wear men’s t-shirts,” added Helen. “We will be launching this collection in 2014 in Brazil, my country.”
LR- Did any fashion designer gain your attention this year?
“Yes, I love the designs of Liliana Montoya,” said Helen. “Her collection is all about nature too.”
LR-Could you define your work and yourself with just 3 words?
“It’s tricky, what about 4 words: Love what you do,” said Helen, smiling.
LR-Would you like to give an inspirational message to all your followers and other swimwear designers?
“You have to get a goal and go for it!”

Written by Lissette Rondon
Edited by Alexis Diaz
Images by Frank Diaz, S. Lous Photography and MBIFW.

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