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Real Life of Viviana G: Because I care…You and I

  Petit Pois by Viviana G ageless essentials are so unique!

by Viviana G
(The Creator of Petit Pois)

For more than thirteen years Petit Pois has been bringing you this wonderful lifestyle essentials collection pieces especially for the needs of today’s modern women.We have been growing together and learning in the process what women wants!

 Today we have the most comfortable pieces you can experience, and so fashionable and wearable everywhere……excellent for traveling, sexy yet elegant, adapts to climate and excellent for layering in the cold……washable, durable, affordable, and made with love by your designer and proudly produce in our own plant to deliver first class quality to you and “made in the USA” while we continue fighting to keep our manufacturing and supporting our economy.

Our signature mesh essentials collection is offer in vibrant colors made by us and especially produce for you and customize in the colors and sizes you desire.  Petit Pois by Viviana G ageless essentials are so unique and merchandise together to give you flexibility on how to wear them and get different looks, a line where you can take it from day to night, to the beach, to dinner, to work, to yoga………and a fit to make you feel beautiful!

My experiences and life-style have influenced my brand as have my ever-evolving consumer. I understand the needs of women and can identify with their life therefore you are my inspiration!

Because I am Real!
Be my Top Real Woman in Fashion.
I invite you to the wonderful world of Petit Pois by Viviana G.

Your designer

Viviana Gabeiras

More information about Viviana G and Petit Pois, please visit: www.mypetitpois.com

Contacts the designer: info@mypetitpois.com