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The Real Life of Viviana G: Joy, Peace and Gratitude!

By Viviana Gabeiras
(The Creator of PETIT POIS)
Reaching the end of the year!
I want to finalize it with a few words to all my fans, customers, 
friends, family, and God!
It has been an exciting year for myself and Petit Pois by Viviana G and 
after ending my tour in the USA with my award winning collection; I sat 
back to remember this wonderful year and I want to thank you all.
I have devoted my life to fashion, to my company and bringing jobs to 
others, share myself as a wife, mother of three and yes, grandmother of 
also three, teaching and mentoring others, fighting to keep “Made in the 
USA”, and bringing you the “Top Real Women in Fashion” to show the new 
generation to believe on themselves. I have worked so hard until tears 
will run with no control from being so tired, and sometimes without 

hope, but I did not give up.

of joy, peace and gratitude felt my heart and I said to myself: “OH! 
Viviana Gabeiras, your life has just started, this is not the end but 
the beginning!”

I am a woman with a great husband behind and children that support me 
and a mother that never gave up on me, without them won’t be possible. 
And I always try to surround myself with real people. Because I am Real!

I am humble and thank you all! And remember only you can stop your 
dreams from happening!
With Love,
Viviana G
More information about Viviana G, please visit Viviana’s fashion blog: http://petitpoisbyvivianag.tumblr.com/
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