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The Real Life of Viviana G: Salute to a Woman

The Real Life of Viviana G: Salute to a Woman!
By Viviana G 

Once upon a time there was a young girl that came to Miami and happened to have a passion called “Fashion.” She displayed the attitude that many of us share — setting our goals as high as possible and fighting for our dreams, as well as staying focused until we achieve them. This young girl blossomed into a determined woman and continues to prove that we don’t depend on others but on ourselves, and we are not afraid to work hard.
Viviana Gabeiras and Lissette Rondon at MBIFW 2012 at the Miami beach Convention Center.

This girl always writes about others, gives support to many and has brought to life the Miami lifestyle and fashion, as well as brought it to the spotlight!
Today I want to change the course and instead write about her. Congratulating her growth, the path she has chosen, and her two-year anniversary. Here’s to wishing her another wonderful year! 

Let me introduce you to Lissette Rondon.

Lissette Rondon, Founder and President of Miami Fashion Spotlight.Net

She is the woman behind the scenes; always patient in keeping you fashionably informed and following the latest trends. Known for her famous Examiner.com editorials as well as her own blog/magazine/fashion news and much more with MiamiFashionSpotlight.net.

Lissette once dreamed of participating in the “Miss Venezuela” pageant but instead moved on to have her own TV and radio show in the fashion and entertainment industry. Then, she completely uprooted her life and came to Miami where she discovered her love for writing. In that, she not only gave us “Miami Fashion Spotlight,” but also brought us MILA’S Words blog (Women Integrated – Achieving Self-Esteem to Help Other Women) and showed us that women can help other women and teach one another to speak the language of fashion.

Lissette Rondon attending a radio interview about fashion

As we are both women empowering women, all we want is to give others a chance [as well as get our chance], lead by example, continue being a role model to the young generation in today’s fast lifestyle and teach them how to be a “Top Real Woman in Fashion.”

Lissette Rondon & Viviana Gabeiras attending Fashion events

I salute you and bring to the spotlight our fashionable times together and wish you many more successful years!

Lissette Rondon wearing Viviana G's designs
And to all of you: We are proof that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams, only yourself. Never forget your dreams or who you are and remember always, to be real!
Your designer, 
Viviana G

The Real Life of Viviana G
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