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The Real Life of Viviana G: The Saga of the Chartreuse Dress!

By Viviana G
The Creator of Petit Pois.

I am very happy to be back bringing you exciting news with the new year; I’m sharing great stories and some of my life style responsible for molding my designs at Petit Pois by Viviana G.

I was recently blessed that Petit Pois was invited as “Miami Fashion Icon Designer” at the Miami Fashion Week kickoff party and Humanitarian Awards, giving me the opportunity of bringing forward my creations once more. 

Image by Humberto Vidal.

I want to thank Miami Fashion Week for their recognition, my fans and my beautiful city of Miami for this incredible honor as I am just another real woman sharing my life with many other Real Women in Fashion every day.

Image by Humberto Vidal.
Image by Amazonia Mayorquin.

Here’s a true story I want to share with you because these are the things that help me continue doing what I do and being who I am. Please allow me to introduce to you another Top Real Woman in Fashion, Ms. Lisa Hinds, who recently posted her own story on my Petit Pois by Viviana G. Facebook page and I loved it! So with her permission, here is her story, “The Saga of the Chartreuse Dress”. Enjoy it!

“The Saga of the Chartreuse Dress…. 

By Lisa Woodruff Hinds

I live and own an Art Gallery in Seaside, Florida ….a small quaint picturesque little town that has become a world renown vacation destination…….A couple of months ago as I walked passed a shop (which carries your line and just happens to be across the walkway from me) …there in the window was this Chartreuse Dress and Sheer coat ensemble that stopped me dead in my tracks. It had my name written ALL over it. I gasped. I didn’t walk, I ran into the store. And, for your information, I have NEVER been a shopper, I would rather have a root canal than go to a mall…but lately, shopping has become more of a pleasant experience….a longtime friend is behind the counter….I couldn’t speak….only pointed and grunted…..She had barely pulled it down for me before I snatched it from her hands….in less than 10 seconds I was naked in the dressing room about to slip into this vision of green shirred fabric……..then……my heart fell as I stared down at the tag……..a big Fat “S” was on the label…. I realize that I’ve recently lost a bit of weight but a SMALL? …. ugh ..I said a prayer and took it off the hanger……my forehead started to glisten….it was do or die as shimmied into the dress and reached for the zipper…..two inches….good so far….another two…ok…this was going better than I thought…two more….OMG…I’m almost home free…….and that is when I encountered what had to be design flaw….had to be….I mean WHO puts a banded seam around under the bust in a stretch shirred dress? The zipper would go no further.

 I immediately began surveying my options….could it be altered? no….not with it’s styling……then I considered calling a doctor friend of mine and asking about having a rib removed….I mean I’d heard someone did that once??? Was it Cher? If she did it, couldn’t I? Sadly I stared at the half zipped dress in the mirror and surrendered…..with tears in my eyes I removed it from my body and carefully placed it back on the hanger. Then I spied the Jacket….same size, but hey…..I’m a masochist anyway, why not torture myself a bit more…..A Ha! It fit perfectly. I twirled in the dressing room….I’m a twirler from way back… but not in a high school marching band sort of way…Ok, so I could buy HALF of the outfit….maybe have something made to wear with??? I’d think of something….I’m smart after all.

Sitting in front of my computer I googled the designer. It seems she’s a Florida girl….Lives in Miami. I found her on FaceBook and sent her a friend request as well as sending her a message about my dilemma in hopes she had the same dress in a size medium lying around her showroom. More bad news. MY dress was from her Spring 2012 line. But she said she would see what she could do. I found her amazing website….which started a totally new obsession….the pink dress….the blue one….oh my…….I contacted her via the website…..I found her on Facebook…..and again contacted her….I’m not usually a stalker but OMG I wanted this dress…..I immediately got a message from her assistant. He offers his help, but I’m on a mission and continue to take things in my own hands. I search ebay, maybe someone has purchased one and wants to sell it. No luck. Ugh. I am out of options. And to make matters worse…..more than several times a week I must walk past the shop knowing MY dress is most likely hanging in there.

I refuse to look. One can only endure so much pain. Christmas rolls around…..one day as my ex and I are walking around Seaside …. he tells me that he’s heard so much about the damn green dress, he wants to see it. Please no. I can’t. I just point and tell him to ask my friend to show him. I can’t bare to gaze upon it again. 
Then I get a email from a boutique that is the sister store to the shop that has the dress!…..Have I completely taken leave of my senses? Could THEY have one? I jump in the car and drive over…..once again….I explain my dilemma….and once again I am shot down……no, they do not have the dress…but they have a floral skirt from the same line….maybe with a black camisole I could make it work……I Do NOT want a Floral Skirt…….Nor do I want to “Make” something work. I WANT the f*cking Chartreuse Dress in a size Medium! The very nice and understanding sales person says she remembers the dress quite well, and sympathizes with me about the sizing and cut. She said she remembered the YOUNG woman that bought the dress and how wonderful it looked on her…how nicely it fit. Gee thanks, way to make my day. If I were to have succumbed to alcohol, at that moment….I would have had a HUGE glass of wine. I do not usually give up on something very easily, but realized it was time to throw in the towel. 

I had to come up with Plan B or C or D.
Until a week or so ago……as I’m walking by the shop I catch a glimpse of Chartreuse out of the corner of my eye. I stop dead in my tracks. My breathing becomes shallow. Did they get another dress in? Did the skinny bitch that I was told bought it bring it back????? I attacked my friend at the counter. It’s MY dress? Yes. Still there? Yes. OMG…..It’s been two months….could I? dare I try it on again? can I stand the humiliation again? Hell Yeah. I grab the dress and run back to the gallery to try it on telling her I’ll bring it back if I still need to have a rib removed (I’d decided that wasn’t such a great idea)……I leap to the dressing room and strip naked…..again……as I slide the fabric up my body I begin praying…….. visualizing that zipper going ALL the way up this time……..hearing the click as it reaches the top……I hold my breath…..grab hold of the zipper pull and………pull. Holy Mother of God, Thank you Baby Jesus. It zipped! Not only did it zip…It looked Fabulous! I wanted to jump for joy but was afraid to damage it…..I’d waited too long for this moment………I put my clothes back on, grabbed cash from my purse and ran back to the shop……….YES, It Fits! Take my money! Take All of it. It’s MINE. 
So……..the moral of the story…..Never give up…..the impossible can happen……..without removing a rib! 

P.S. My amazing ensemble hangs in the closet waiting for the Grand Opening of my new gallery in a couple of weeks….I promise to send photos. Thank you for your creative vision and amazing line of clothing. (oh and I apologize for the “design flaw” comment….it was my fat ass that was the problem).”

Lisa Woodruff Hinds 

Personal note from the writer: 

I actually wrote the story for a few girlfriends I work out with and my Zumba instructor……it was meant to inspire them to keep working out and as a thank you to my zumba instructor for having such a great class that makes exercising actually fun! Without her I doubt I would have ever been able to get into your beautiful creation!


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