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Women Impacting Lives: Adabel evangelizes people through Facebook, inspiring them to be thankful

Adabel Rosario de Jesús, evangelizes people through Facebook, teaching them of being thankful for being alive
Adabel Rosario de Jesús evangelizes people through Facebook.
Women Impacting Lives by Alba Gallo
Produced by Alba Gallo.

“I was born with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, a condition that has ten types of Muscular Dystrophy. Although I was diagnosed at 5 years old, I was born with it. It all started with my older brother, who fell a lot at school and in one of those falls was given a blow to the head and was taken to hospital. He was left under observation and the doctor referred him to a neurologist and he ordered some tests, which resulted positive for Muscular Dystrophy. We were three brothers, one male and two females, so we did the same analysis, the result of my sister was negative and mine positive.

Adabel Rosario de Jesús evangelizes people through Facebook
Adabel Rosario de Jesús

I started school walking and ended up in a wheelchair, but that did not stop me. I developed scoliosis and I was operated. My feet were also operated on because they were very crooked and I could not wear any shoes. At age of 24, I suffered a respiratory failure from complications of the disease and bronchopneumonia. I was in intensive care for a month and a half– I suffered more than ten extubations trying to sustain myself without the mechanical ventilator; it was impossible for me due to the collapse of my diaphragm, rib and chest. The doctors decided to place a tracheostomy and since then I am connected to a mechanical ventilator.

I’ve been living in this different way for 17 years, thanks to God, my mother, and the doctors I’m here, because time is from God and he decides, his will is perfect. My illness is not bigger than my life because God is all in it– I have developed patience and logic, which leads me to love more the human being and put in their places to understand that life is not only physical if you can give meaning to it.

I use Facebook as a tool to further evangelize, counsel through the messages that I write. My strength is knowing that God exists and that gives me confidence to go forward. Despite what happens to us, we can stand because it is not in vain but necessary. We should enjoy life and be thankful that we have existed.

I always advise other not to remain sad or bitter in life because that is not fair to the life God has provided us. Life continues so we have to do what we need, but we always should give thanks to stay alive!

Many thanks Alba for allowing me to tell part of my life. God bless you!”
Adabel Rosario de Jesús.
Written by : Adabel Rosario de Jesús
Produced by: Alba Gallo
Edited by: Alexis Diaz (MFS)
Images: Courtesy of Adabel Rosario de Jesús.
Women Impacting Lives by Alba Gallo
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