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Women Impacting Lives: DR Yvonne Oswald PhD has impacted thousands of people with her book ‘Every Word Has Power’

' I Love my work Helping people,' says DR Yvonne Oswald, author of'Every Word Has Power
DR Yvonne Oswald PhD, author of Every Word Has Power.’
Image: Courtesy of DR Yvonne Oswald PhD.

Produced by Alba Gallo

Coming from a background of abuse (physical, mental, emotional and sexual) in Manchester, England, I traveled extensively in my twenties to escape my pain, living and teaching in South Africa, Portugal, and Italy. I came to live in Toronto, Canada when I was 36, because I felt that it was a kinder environment than anywhere else I had visited.

As a therapist (made a lot of use of my childhood issues!) I loved my work helping people, and I invented techniques to clear emotions in less than a minute – I’ve won national US awards for them. When I was 40 I decided to look for a husband, because I thought I had done enough work on myself by then to make a reasonable mother. My daughter Katie was born when I was 42. I thought I was complete. When she was ten months old, I remember her crying and tugging at my skirt. I looked down, and was about to say, “If you don’t stop crying I’ll give you something to cry for” and I realized with shock that I was about to start repeating the pattern! I wondered what else I had said that I wasn’t aware of, and made a vow to start editing everything I said from that day. I didn’t say “No” for the next three years. I made sure that everything I said was supportive and helpful to learning.

My work with her was so successful that I wrote a book called “Every Word Has Power” which was published by The Secret publishers, became a best seller, and is now in ten languages. It is about how to change your self-talk, which produces 100% of your results.

Katie today is 18 and about to go to New York’s AMDA (American Music and Dramatic Academy) for her year BFA. Her average school mark is in the 90’s. She is happy, capable, and a beautiful person inside and out.

My work has impacted thousands of people and I am happy to be training people in Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching after completing my PhD in clinical Hypnosis last year. I am grateful that lessons from my own unhappiness have helped so many others clear their issues so much faster.

I will be coming to teach in Miami and Florida for a week in October this year; I regularly head down there because the people are so open to change and a delight to work with.


Written by DR Yvonne  Oswald PhD
Award winning, best selling author of Every Word has Power
– now in ten languages
Master NLP/ Hypnosis Trainer
Chair of the Board of Youth Day Toronto
Produced by Alba Gallo, Women Impacting Lives.
Alba Gallo, Producer of 'Women Impacting Lives'

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