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The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) launches CIFO Europe and their first exhibition in Havana, Cuba

Image: Courtesy of Levy Communications.
Jesus Fuenmayor
Director of CIFO

As a branch to The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, CIFO in Miami, CIFO Europe was launched in Madrid to continue the foundation’s mission of fostering cultural exchange among the visual arts and to promote contemporary art from Latin America.

Lissette Rondon, Founder of Miami Fashion Spotlight, got an exclusive interview with Jesus Fuenmayor and Patricia Velez, Directors of CIFO where they talked about CIFO Europe, CIFO Europe’s first exhibition in Havana, and next projects of CIFO in Miami.

LR- Tell us about the launch of CIFO in the city of Madrid.
“CIFO Europe has the same purpose that our foundation here in Miami has – to promote contemporary art through grants to Latin American artists,” said Jesus Fuenmayor. “Our first big event is the exhibition of Ella Cisneros Fontanal in the city of Havana.”

LR-Tell us about the exhibition “Una Mirada Multiple” that will be held in Havana, Cuba on May 11th, 2012?
“It is an exhibition of contemporary works from the collection of Mrs. Ella Fontanal Cisneros that include more than 80 hours of videos, photographs, installations, international projects, and other art forms. It is a project curated by Osbel Suarez, who is an independent curator in Madrid. The collection features 64 artists, including renowned artists of contemporary art,” said Patricia Velez.

LR-What motivated CIFO to do the first exhibition in Havana, Cuba?
“It was the idea of ​​bringing these works to an audience that does not know these works, in order to educate them about what is happening in the contemporary art world,” added Jesus Fuenmayor.

LR-How can we support this inspiring foundation?

CIFO.ORG aims to create a physical community where there is a connection between the public, curators, and artists; through this website people can visit our projects and collaborate with their specific project preferences,” added Patricia Velez. 

LR-What are the next projects of CIFO in Miami?
“As every year, we are showcasing the winners of the scholarships to Latin American artists selected by our advisory committee. We will be preparing an exhibition in September to celebrate the anniversary of our foundation. We will be preparing a special program called “Curators Award” and it will be implemented simultaneously to “Art Basel Miami,” said Jesus Fuenmayor.

Image: Courtesy of Levy Communications.
Image: Courtesy of Levy Communications.

Image: Courtesy of Levy Communications.