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Live Fashion Show: Let Cupid’s Arrow Find You!

Live Fashion Show:  Let Cupid's Arrow Find You!
Image: Courtesy of Samy Gicherman.
by Samy Gicherman.

Saint Valentine’s Day has been recognized as the day of love and friendship, which also makes us think about what we will give to our loved one. It is always gratifying to surprise that person with a special dinner, or a day spa, or something similar. This year, be original and prepare this day using our creativity and fantasy.

This can be done by taking the time to pay close attention to details and making the time you need to choose the perfect gifts and right clothing to make a really nice celebration, considering it has to be very special and different.

I recommend beginning the day with a rich homemade breakfast, accompanied by a refreshing drink, always with gorgeous details that make it different from every day, red flowers, and the wrapped napkin in a unique and special form.

Take your own time to book a day at a spa in the closest resort, this way you don’t have any excuse to miss this special moment together. Also, get an hour massage together complemented with a hot stone and facial, sharing many options together.

When you choose the clothing for that romantic night, I suggest the red color as always combined with a black piece, making an explosive match. Another combination is wearing a beautiful black blouse, evening transparency lace and a perfect match with red leggings.

Live Fashion Show:  Let Cupid's Arrow Find You!

Live Fashion Show:  Let Cupid's Arrow Find You!

If you dine on the beach, surprise him with a very sensual and seductive dress, evoking the sea foam and the Tropic of Miami, with hair in a sensual style.

Live Fashion Show:  Let Cupid's Arrow Find You!

If dinner is in private, I recommend a body super nude or something lacy. It could be very exciting to combine this with beautiful black boots. Another suggestion, give him something that will match your outfit like boxers in red silk combined with a man’s black silk robegiving the perfect touch.

Live Fashion Show:  Let Cupid's Arrow Find You!

Feel fashion, feel free, enjoy every moment life gives you. Happy Day of Love and Friendship.

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