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Women Impacting Lives: Luz Marina Rosenfeld inspires visually impaired people to start all over again!

Luz Marina Rosenfeld inspires visually impaired people.
Image: Courtesy of Luz Marina Rosenfeld.

Produced by Alba Gallo
“My life started being a personal trainer but one day I woke up without vision. While I was sleep a clot enter on my land of vision and completely erased my vision; the doctors called this: STROKE.

 This brought me some pain but not for so long–my life have been changed and changed for a positive play. God gave me 54 years of vision and a lot of happiness, a marriage of 30 years, three amazing daughters, and four grand kids that are my life.

After I lost my vision, I decided to go to a campus of technology where I could learn how to be the best blind person so I did; I learned how to do computers, braille, how to cook, use a white cain and more… I learned how to start all over again!

Luz Marina Rosenfeld at the gym.

When I finished this special school I was ready for the visual world (not enough to complain). I also learned how to ask for help so I went to the Mayor and I told him that I wanted to be able to cross the street. I gave him my reasons…30 days later, after a lot of emails, someone called me and said: “The purchase order was being sign.”

Finally, the help was here and my freedom started. I was able to go to the gym with my guide dog, go to the gynecologist, pick my medicines at the pharmacy; I got my freedom back. 

This freedom was completed when I registered at the school and I graduated as Physical Therapy for massage body works—but I wanted to continue my fight, I wanted to transform lives, so I went to City Hall and I asked to be able to come and practice massage therapy in the City of Doral and they accepted!

Now, I am there once a week, doing chair massage for donations for the wonderful Campus of Technology, “The Miami Lighthouse for Blind.” This is my way of giving back to tour community. My thanks for what they gave me (they gave me HOPE, they helped me to gain my independence and my freedom back).

My life is full of joy now! I am inspiring others to turn theirs lives of blind (any conditions) into people that will be able to go out of the house, even go to the school –Yes, we can do it!

That’s why I ask the Media “let me tell my story” because they are so many blind people at home thinking that is the end of world but I’ve called this experience “the beginning of the new light”.

This year, I was nominated in the City of Doral “Board of Special Needs”– this mean I will be able to transform more lives!”

This story was written by Luz Marina Rosenfeld
Produced by Alba Gallo for her column “Women Impacting Lives”

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