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Women Impacting Lives: The story of Veronica Simpson

Veronica Simpson.
Image: Courtesy of “Women Impacting Lives”.

By Alba Gallo.
Veronica Simpson was born in Jersey City and raised in Bayonne, New Jersey; her first nationwide commercial was at 3 years old and theater’s debut at 8 years old with the role of Annie in the musical ‘Annie’. She landed on her first lead role to a feature film in New York at 10 years old. Veronica stayed in theater, modeled and danced throughout her middle school years and High School. 

In her sophomore year, her parents decided to move to Puerto Rico where her career took off as a model and she loved the AFROTC. Later, she studied at the University of San German, where she made a dramatic move after winning a dance competition produced by Will Smith- the prize was an all-expense paid trip to Miami for a week where she fell in love and decided to enroll at the F.I.U. After college, she made the decision to join the Air Force where she served at Patrick Air Force Base in Maintenance Production Management affiliated with C-130’s and HH-60 helicopters.

The entertainment industry has always been her passion, in addition to TV/film. A year ago, Simpson took acting classes at Burt Reynolds’ Institute of Film and Theatre (BRIFT), Act TrueUta Hagen Process) and workshops. She has modeled, hosted, danced, landed lead and supporting roles in short films. She also has been featured in the movies of “Rock of Ages”, “Step up 4” and “Magic Mike”. She was an assassin for the series “Charlie’s Angels” and she has had recurring roles in “The Glades”, “Burn Notice”, “Magic City”, “The Finder” and Spanish soap operas, among others, where she has met some extraordinary people in this business.

This year, Veronica Simpson started her film company, DIVACA Productions, LLC to produce her first film “The Ultimate Sacrifice”- this film is based on actual events to help promote Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Simpson hopes this film will help the society to understand what this sickness entails;  PTSD is a serious illness and needs attention especially for our military men and women. 

Simpson’s family and friends means so much to her, making her feel so blessed to have them- n
one of this could be happening without their support as well as her undying faith, hope, and love!