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Fit 4 Life: Endurance workout for a great body

Fit 4 Life: Endurance workout for a great body
Fit 4 Life: Endurance workout for a great body.
Image by Alejandra Fernandez- Altamirano.
By Alejandra Fernandez- Altamirano.

There is a popular myth regarding weight lifting. It says this type of exercise is only for men and it’s not good for women because, according to the myth, the body widens and loses its feminine shape. Nothing is further from the truth.

Women do have to lift weights not only for a great body, but also for health. Obviously there are some routines not recommended for women, but it is very important to understand what to expect with different workouts. For example:

· Training only aerobics, the body is skinny but without good/toned shape.

· Training only flexibility and joint mobility, the body is certainly elastic but may still have fat and no shape.

· Working out only endurance, and if the person is overweight, muscles become defined and strong but remain under fat tissue

Cross training is very important, as it works all physical qualities; results are strong, defined, flexible, and results in a thin body.

Other benefits:

· Basal metabolism is accelerated when muscle is built. Also, more calories are burned while sleeping because muscle is an active tissue, while fat on the other hand, is a passive one.

· Improves posture as muscles involved are toned.

· Organs keep correct form; location and function when muscles are in good shape, so whole body works better.

· Injuries are prevented. When muscles are weak, joints, tendons, and ligaments are overloaded and could be hurt. Strong muscles support all the work instead.

· Cosmetic appearance is great as posture and muscle shape improve, and flaccidity tends to disappear.

· Training endurance slows the aging process and extra weight decreases as muscle tissue is not lost and keeps fat under control.

· When aging hormonal changes occur, mineral deposits in bones decrease. But while continuing to train, bone tissue synthesis is stimulated and bone strength, mobility, and health improve.

· Improves sport performance. Weight lifting +flexibility workout= strong muscles.

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