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Women Impacting Lives: Zolemgeh Estrella, a spiritual business woman

Women Impacting Lives: Zolemgeh Estrella, a spiritual business woman
Zolemgeh Estrella.
Image: Courtesy of Alba Gallo.

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Zolemgeh Estrella began her studies at an early age, earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. She continued her studies in Fashion Design and later received a Post-graduate degree in Computer Business Systems, all in Venezuela.

She has had 28 years of experience in the administrative area; managing all sizes of businesses in Human Resources, Finance, Administration, and Management in both Venezuela and the United States. Twenty-two of these years have been dedicated to the design, elaboration, and presentation of Personnel Development, Motivational, and Self-Help Seminars and workshops.

As a business woman she has created and managed various companies, staying up to date with the latest natural health, spiritual, and beauty trends.

From a young age, she has dedicated herself to the Spiritual Area and has accumulated 33 years of experience in this field. Her main focus and area of expertise has been in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of the individual and of the planet, thus creating the organization: “Amigos a favor del Planeta Tierra” (or Friends in Favor of Planet Earth).

Zolemgeh (Zol) has worked diligently since 1998 as a Consultant of Spiritual Response Therapy, imparting healings through the Archangel Raphael (T.A.R.) and later on through The Creator (T.E.C.). These healings were channeled through her Guardian Angels Halohimz, Leailel, and Mikous. She has accumulated more than 9,000 therapies worldwide, channeling these through various beings: The Lord Sanat Kumara, The Archangel Raphael, The Archangel Miguel, The Master Jesus, and The Priest of Telos Adamus for the Planet. These channeled messages include therapies to heal the five main bodies (physical, emotional, etheric, mental, and spiritual); clean and reprogram the Akashic Records, mind, chakras, soul, and spirit of the people to be treated; and increase DNA chains to raise inner wisdom. All of which are included in her books.

She has become an International Reiki Master, Krystal Reiki Master, Golden Reiki Master, Cosmic Healing Master (Spiritual Surgery), Cosmetologist, Tarot Card Consultant (Greek Mythology), and Spiritual Response Therapist; all of which were conducted in the United States. She is also a Spiritual Master of the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek, and was Ordained as a Reverend and Spiritual Minister in the USA.

Zolemgeh has written many published articles in various newspapers and magazines that focused on spiritual areas, harmonization of atmospheres, and health. A few of them include the newspaper “Imágen Latinoamericana”, the Holistic Magazine “La Rosa Dorada”, monthly articles for the Spanish Edition of the international OM TIMES MAGAZINE, and the Natura Salus magazine. She has also been interviewed on various radio and television programs within Venezuela and the United States.

Zolemgeh has written six (6) books:

1) “Mensajeros de la Luz (Pasos para la Ascención), Equilibrio y Balance Interior” (Messengers of Light, Steps toward Ascension and Inner Balance) is based on teachings from the Golden Book of Melchizedek and by instruction of the Archangel Raphael to help unblock, clean, and reprogram the 4 main bodies.

2) “Sanaciones Cósmicas a través del Reiki Dorado” (Cosmic Healing through Golden Reiki) was written in conjunction with Dr. Accacia Barros. This book explains how to heal cosmically without the need of surgeries that cut your skin, invasive medical exams, anesthesia, or western medicines. Instead, these healings are executed by Cosmic Masters of the Light from higher dimensions.

3) “Manual del Maestro Espiritual”, (Spiritual Master’s Manual), where the author writes the best way to protect ourselves as therapists and healers, and how to handle different situations that we may have in this area. It describes the consecration, use, and management of the pendulum and the Sword of Michael, among other tools of healing and protection; all needed to be a great Spiritual Master.

4) “Vivencias de un Sanador Cósmico (Mensajes de Los Maestros)”, (The Life of a Cosmic Healer (Messages from the Masters)), where the author tells a story of the pleasant life of a Cosmic Healer (Syrenhz) and her experiences serving the Light in the world of healing. It narrates more than 35 cases of people being healed with the Energy that Syrenhz channels through the Stellar Masters of Light and the kinds of situations experienced before/after the healing.

5) “Manual del Terapeuta Reiki”, (Manual for Reiki Therapists) explains in details how to use this wonderful healing technique (Reiki) with Usui Traditional methodology, combined with innovative Osho Techniques, using powerful Symbols of protection. This combination is consistent with the requirements of the New Golden Age.

6) “Reiki Krystal (Luz para las Sanaciones Cósmicas)”, (Krystal Reiki (Light for Cosmic Healing)) explains the most advanced methods of channeling the Powerful Healing Light from the Stellar Masters of Higher Dimensions, to achieve awakening the special capabilities of Cosmic Healers to be able to reach the receptor in form of total healing.

One of the author’s missions is to train new Ministers of Melchizedek and Cosmic Healers. To do this, she is developing Therapies with the Creator (T.E.C.), new and improved seminars, and is in the process of writing two new books: “El Creador” (The Creator) and “Guerreros de la Luz” (Warriors of Light).

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